ICCS (Integrated Course for Civil Services)

ICCS (Integrated Course for Civil Services)

Can I join UPSC coaching after 12?

Any student can apply for the UPSC examination regardless of their academic background, including their studies in the arts, commerce, science, math, and other different fields. The UPSC preparation is the dynamic and more diverse examination.

So, students who plan to work in some reputable as well as eminent position like this and who have chosen to become IAS officers after 12th should participate in interactive sessions and workshops that will aid in instilling and developing a fundamental understanding of all the core modules in a thorough and complete manner. The fundamental goal of this curriculum is to prepare all of the students so that they can answer any issue confidently, with a well-considered approach.

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All applicants who want to begin their UPSC preparation during their undergraduate studies can be said to have reached a key turning point in their lives because this is the time when they decided to seek a career as a civil servant, which is a very significant and powerful decision.

In this course,we are working on a thorough coverage of the whole UPSC syllabus over the course of three years while also focusing on a three-year period of intense preparation. As an example, they have divided the three years of preparation in a holistic way.

As a result, the candidates have three opportunities to develop themselves and complete the syllabus in three years. As a result, towards the end of the year, when they enter the main field, i.e., on the main day of the exam, they will feel confident and well-prepared.

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